Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Analysis of ordinal data in ecology

The September Eco-Stats Lab (Friday 25th, 2pm, Bioscience level 6) will be on ordinal data analysis in ecology.

Ordered categorical data are commonplace in ecology when quantitative measurement of a variable of interest is not feasible or too costly. Examples include size of individuals, body condition and relative abundances of species. Cumulative link models are a powerful class of models for analyzing such data since observations are treated as categorical, the ordered nature is exploited and the flexible regression framework allows in-depth analyses.We will use the ordinal package in R to analyse some ecological ordinal data.

The code and details can be found here.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Welcome to Loic and Wesley!

We are very fortunate to have two new research associates joining us in Eco-Stats - Loic Thibaut and Wesley Brooks.

Loic came from a PhD at James Cook with Sean Connelly, and he will be thinking about how to resample generalised linear mixed models.

Wesley came here from Wisconsin, where he did a PhD with Jun Zhu, and he will be looking at the issue of spatial confounding and how it affects point process models.