Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Eco-Stats Lab April 2014: Block Bootstrap

In this weeks lab we learn about the block bootstrap. A non parametric way to deal with spatial auto correlation in your data and still make valid inferences.

Bootstrap Recap

Bootstrapping allows us to find the unknown distribution of a statistic by resampling the original data (with replacement) and recalculating the statistic many times.
Hence we can calculate p-values and standard errors of things we don’t know the distribution of.
Assumptions: observations are independent and identically distributed ("iid")

 But you can't use an iid bootstrap when data are spatially correlated

Monday, 28 April 2014

David Warton wins Young Investigator Award from American Statistical Association

We're all very proud that David has won another major award this year, this one the Young Investigator Award from the American Statistical Association Section on Statistics and the Environment. He's been recognized internationally for outstanding contributions to the development of methods, issues, concepts, applications, and initiatives in environmental statistics by a young statistician. And we quite agree.

Well done David!

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